I am officially back!

Hi guys and gals!,

My apologies for not updating in months.  My computer died suddenly and without warning just before christmas (like on the 23rd of december…).  I lost 160Gb of stuff (all my games, website stuff, emails, music, you name it; I lost it!).
You know what the worst thing was?

The thing that made me swear, rage and curse the very molecules of the computer?

I knew it was dying.

I knew, and could do nothing.

My hard drives were going (you know the noises, random crashes and slowing down).

My DVD writer would write the DVD’s perfectly, It would give me the thumbs up,  “no problems!” and smile at me. Then when I inserted the disc, it would appear empty….you could plainly see the data on the disc itself, it would appear as having no space available on it in the system view….but the data would be invisible to all intents and purposes.

I guessed the DVD writer was failing, but I could not afford one just yet, as the shop I used to buy them from had closed suddenly without warning a few months before which left me with a “PC-World” and “Curry’s” last resort shops really (no offence to anyone reading this who likes those places but I have had extremely bad experiences at both in the past – but that’s a whole new story…).

Anyway, here I sat, hard drives failing, writer failing (or failed?) no more blank discs, no spare backup devices.  I even considered backing up online, but it was expensive and not really what I wanted.  I even tried to buy a USB hard drive that I found on offer but it didn’t work properly so…back it went.

Then the fateful day arrived, the 23rd of december 2008, I should have left the system on as is the standard when concerned about hard drive or motherboard failure, but I didn’t I was half asleep and off to bed and shut it down.

Which it did perfectly…

Then refused to boot again in the morning.

The motherboard had gone first.

The thing I was concerned about the least had beaten eveything else to the final post!.

So there it is.  The story of my prolonged absence.  A few days of frenzied activity followed where I tore the system apart and tried every trick I could think of, but it was too late.  It had gone.

I got a new system up and running and have managed to salvage some of the data off the old drives, but this new system is so unfamiliar and different (vista for one – another day’s story there…) that it has been slow to get going again.

Well, I am back again, and hoping to write more often, (even if it just gets it all off my chest and noone ever reads it!).

Still got a few things to iron out, so please continue to be patient with me, if all goes well, there should be a lot of new content up here shortly!

Happy New Year for last month, hope you all had a great Christmas and your year has gotten off to a good start!

see you soon!  x


~ by Terence Bennett on February 1, 2009.

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