An unexpected surprise…

As I was sat here not exactly relishing the thought of trying to rewrite all the pages and posts I had before, I decided to check my wordpress page ( that I haven’t updated in over a year.

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, I found that wordpress had somehow been backing up all my posts from here onto my other account (which was originally going to be a clone of here in case something went wrong).

So flash forward lots of cutting and pasting, and now I have nearly all of my posts recovered! (see the ‘Archive’ adjacent).

I have no idea why it did that, or even if it was something I did while fiddling around with the options one sleepless night, but I’m definitely glad it did!.


~ by Terence Bennett on November 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “An unexpected surprise…”

  1. Hello there I am curious if I can use this article on one of my blogs if I link back to you? Thanks

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