Sleepy?….Apparently not

After finally getting to sleep about five this morning after an evening playing Rome Total War with my Brother in law (two to one to me matey! haha!), I thought I would get my eight hours of bliss before waking up to face the miserable, grey, drizzly beginning to December.

Not only did I not sleep for very long (as it is  now 07:27, and I have been up for an hour), but I have to face the undeniable fact that winter…..or more precisely Christmas is upon me yet again.

I have no real problem with Christmas, it’s just I hate the constant drone of Christmas music in EVERY shop you enter (and It’s usually one of three or four ‘classic’ songs…), I hate the constant, crushing, claustrophobia of the town centre where I am herded around surrounded by flashing lights, “festive” music and the ever present smell of  mulled wine and donuts from the little German Christmas market in town.  No longer can I go out for supplies, pull my coat a little tighter and think…”oh well, time to put the heating on soon, at least I don’t have to worry about christmas just yet!”.

Though we haven’t done too bad, the heating has only been on for about a month now, so we left it as long as we could in the interests of saving money, and last I checked we were in credit with the Gas and Electric just enough to (hopefully) carry us through the worst of the winter.

On the plus side though, I get to see the sun come up.  I do really like watching the sun rise, maybe because I’m usually so bloody lazy that I’m never awake when it rises so it is still a novelty?.  If that’s the case, then I fully intend to enjoy it as long as I can, if that means I can’t actually ‘go’ to bed then I guess I will see it from one side of the day or the other…

The other thing is that I cannot stand laying in bed if I can’t sleep.  So I get up, potter around, do a bit of tidying and generally keep myself busy.  So far I have almost completed the washing up (I have some plates in soak as I write this – water’s probably gone cold now though), started tidying the lounge, and found an exciting new topic to write about!.

Well, better stop messing about on here and go finish the kitchen before the missus wakes and wonders what on earth I’ve been doing since I got up!.


~ by Terence Bennett on December 1, 2009.

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