Pre Christmas Blues..

It’s already been a couple of weeks since my last update? blimey! I’ve been so busy with the pre christmas warm-up routine that I guess my poor blog got relegated down the priority list!.

Well, most of the gifts (the few we can afford anyway…thank you Halifax) have been bought, but not wrapped as I can’t wrap to save my life (I’m serious..the last time I attempted it, the gift looked like a ball of screwed up paper wrapped in sellotape!).

Christmas is going to be extra tight this year since my bank decided to ‘clarify’ its charges, meaning I either pay off my entire overdraft from savings, or pay £31 a month to keep the account open! (and all without a so much as a penny interest!).  I wont get into it all now, if you are interested, I will put up a page with all the details.

(EDIT: It’s up here).

So, safe to say this year is going to be particularly irritating!.  Anyway, still got to get the decorations down from the loft, minus the lights though as they broke a couple of years ago and I never got round to replacing them.

Between the recent wipe and reinstall of my computer, the pre christmas panic attacks, the pruning of my ridiculously overgrown backup CD collection and visits from family and friends; I must have glossed over the memory of the tinsel and baubles and whatnot sitting in a bin liner in the loft getting dusty!.

For goodness sake! what’s wrong with me? I keep getting off track, rambling about absolutely nothing!.  Oh well, tick it off and move on.

Went to a neighbourhood meeting thing yesterday where we discussed with the council plans for parking and a new playpark in the local park, quite interesting for a first meeting, we covered a lot of ground, learnt a lot about how the council works and gave a lot of feedback.  I even sat in something that looked like an inflatable rocket and made a video statement to the developers about my opinion which was cool, It’s why I do online surveys a lot, I like to be asked my opnion and feel like what I have to say really matters and I can make a difference.

Also, they had free sandwiches and coffee….

Playing around with Twitter a lot more, so if you use it, feel free to add me, I tend to twitter about random interesting articles, anecdotes and other assorted oddities.

Also, started using, and am busy trying (mainly unsuccessfully) to add my Spotify playlist over to it to share with the world!.


RevReese@Spotify (My Playlist)

I think that’s about all the rambling I have time for, I have a tonne of housework to do and I’m getting kind of hungry.

Bye for now, hopefully an update before christmas!.


~ by Terence Bennett on December 13, 2009.

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