First snowfall since February

Well, yesterday saw the first light snowfall since february the second this year. I did grab my camera and try to get a picture to upload, but the flakes were too small to be picked up, and it didn’t settle anyway due to wet ground.
Never mind, it’s apparently due to snow today and tomorrow, so I guess time will tell… (I know it’s certaintly cold enough!).
Not much else happened recently, still suffering the pre-christmas blues and panicking about money (aren’t we all?), but my sister in law has been over all week helping with the decorations inexchange for being able to listen to some christmas music! 😉
Also, In an effort to be as antisocial as possible, I spent the day drinking coffee and watching every single one of Captnduck’s excellent tutorial videos for the fantastic Dwarf Fortress cult game!.

That reminds me…I will be posting about Dwarf Fortress in an upcoming page under ‘Games’ I highly recommend you take a look if you want to try something completely different! 😉

Off to town shortly to hopefully finish shopping and meet an old friend.


~ by Terence Bennett on December 17, 2009.

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