Christmas Deliveries

So much for “1-2 days”

It’s snowing outside, so I thought I would have a quick post explaining why I am not pleased to go out in it (despite how pretty it looks).

Ten days ago, I ordered a significant sum of goods from a well known football club who shall remain unnamed.

I paid extra for their 1-2 day guaranteed delivery, to ensure I got my goods before Christmas brings down the postal system again.

After eight days and no sign of the delivery, or even an email explaining that it would be late, I emailed the customer support enquiring about my order and why it wasn’t here considering I paid for it and should have received it after a day or two (yes, I left it a couple of extra days because it’s ‘christmas’, but to be fair I did pay extra for an ‘express‘ delivery).

The next day before 9am I received a generic email refunding my postage costs (hooray!) leading me to suspect that many other customers had faced the same problem and complained, so it was easier to simply refund the postage to take some pressure off the customer service department.

Although this was all good, I was still left with no idea if my order was even coming.  Entering the tracking code in to the couriers site simply revealed the cryptic message “Parcel Data Has Been Received” which means precisely bugger all to me, have the goods been received? sent out? at my local post office? who knows.

Finally at 0830 this morning, the door bell is practically blown off the door by someone whos finger had apparently become frozen to the buzzer.  Racing downstairs to find the person mysteriously vanished (the delivery truck too had vanished without trace), just when I thought it may have been the ghost of christmas past visiting me, I noticed the “We called to deliver your parcel” card in the door.

Yes, I exploded.

Eight days AFTER it was supposed to be here, it finally turns up completely unannounced, nearly crippling my doorbell in the process, then vanishes in the blink of an eye forcing me to trudge out in the cold white stuff to the nearest post office to pick up the damn thing myself and cart it back home.

Thanks couriers.  Nice job making me deliver it to myself…

So, after I steel myself with a triple strength coffee to keep me alive, I shall exit into the blizzard on my quest for the forgotten parcel…

The even more annoying thing was that if I had work today, then noone would have been in at all, even though I waited in especially for this flaming delivery all week! needless to say, a letter will be sent to customer service (though tempered slightly by the postage refund…but that’s not the point).

Today Matthew, I’m going to be……..The Sterotypical Annoying Angry Customer!

UPDATE: It turned out to not be the parcel I was expecting anyway when I picked it up today.  After waiting 24 hours for the post office to receive it, I collected it, to realise it was a very unexpected parcel from friends!.

Needless to say, another email has been sent…

Further Update: Got an email earlier, the order is being resent MINUS half of the goods (no reason given).  Makes me wonder if they would have told me at all if I hadn’t emailed them?.

So much for giving them as gifts, looks like they won’t even arrive before christmas, so how can I possibly post them on now?.

Obviously that isn’t good enough, so I emailed again requesting my order be cancelled and refunded in full.  I know it is christmas and the post can be dodgy, but I ordered early enough and paid EXTRA for express specifically for that reason…so it’s just incompetence.

That’s the last time I use THAT particular store! I think I will stick with ebay and amazon!.

…awaiting their reply…

UPDATE!: Still no parcel! almost a month to the day and no delivery! no replies to my last two emails and a phone call to them revealed that I have to wait an extra week before I can call them and declare it officially not received (one I can understand…but to lose TWO parcels? TO THE SAME CUSTOMER??! Grrrr!.

Update to come when it’s declared and I hopefully get my money back!


My second order never arrived either! (same order lost TWICE in two months?!).

Called to report non-receipt of delivery but was told I needed to wait fifteen working days before I could declare it missing! (even though it was well over a month, apparently removing bank holidays brings it down to under fifteen days!), after phoning for two days straight and being told it was not available to report yet (fifteen days), I finally managed to report it missing.  I was told they would resend my order to which I replied that it was no longer necessary as christmas was now over and done with and so, I had no need of the goods now anyway!, FINALLY GOT A REFUND!!.

Now it’s all over and done with I can tell anyone who is reading this who is wondering who it was I was dealing with………Aston Villa Football Direct! so, any villa fans reading this who are considering buying online…..DON’T!!.


~ by Terence Bennett on December 18, 2009.

5 Responses to “Christmas Deliveries”

  1. Well I found this on Digg, and I like it so I dugg it!

  2. The Villa were beaten and battered this weekend. Awful.

  3. Nice blog, would of made the blog bit longer, enjoyed reading it though.

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