Black Ice Warning

Black Ice Chaos

I had a surprise when I stepped outside this morning.
Of course I didn’t bother to check the news before stepping outside to get some supplies from the shop….leading to me nearly falling head over heels!.

It went down to -7 degrees celsius last night here and it rained early this morning which instantly froze, covering the majority of the South East in sheets of lethal black ice.

Practically all of the local buses had been cancelled or delayed, probably giving cabbies a much needed profit boost in time for christmas? (later found out that most of them were not even taking calls anymore!).

It took nearly an hour to get to and from the local shops (which is usually only a five minute trip!) wobbling, shaking and slipping my way over the frozen paths and roads.

Stepping off the kerb to the road was the worst as all my weight was on my foot and I nearly slipped a few times!.

Luckily, there was quite a few grass embankments to walk on which was lots easier (although very crunchy!).

Worse thing was, after slipping my way back home, I stopped at my neighbours door to warn her not to go out, just as she opened the door to ask if I would pop over the shop for her! (needless to say I did, though I had to buy a load of salt to scatter in front of me to help get a grip!).

One nice thing I noticed though, In some ways it helped bring people together, as I saw people helping strangers across the roads, chatting amiably about the weather and the icy conditions! There was a definite air of camaradarie.

I saw one older gentleman had taken a fall and could not get up, and various people had given him blankets and kept him in company and as comfortable as possible until the ambulance could arrive in the treacherous conditions.

It reminded me of some wartime and disaster stories i’ve heard, where complete strangers helped and comforted each other in the face of adversity.  Proving that there are people out there who are capable of compassion.

A hero cabbie even trudged miles after abandoning his cab in huge tailbacks in order to deliver much needed blood packs to the hospital.

Maybe there is hope for the rest of humanity aswell?

But, not everyone is full of the christmas spirit as evidenced by these kind hearted clampers preying on snowbound cars – Thanks Guys! Good Job! /sarcasm.

BBC weather report for the next few days

Hampshire roads closed as temperatures plummet to minus 10

Trains suspended after becoming ‘stuck’ to rails


~ by Terence Bennett on December 23, 2009.

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