There 'Snow' End To It!

My apologies for the above, I have drunk too much coffee and thought it was funny!.

Anyone keeping up with the news, will notice that we in the UK, are undergoing the severest winter in decades.

In my life, I have seen snow on about a dozen occasions all told, even had snow on christmas day once or twice!.

So, imagine my shock to wake up this morning to snow for the fourth or fifth day running! never in my life, have I seen snow for longer than two days, and usually then it is only the remaining ice or slush left over from the day before.

I will put up some pics for you shortly (slow download warning), for any one in the colder regions for whom snow is an everyday or even all yearly event, you will laugh out loud at my pictures of a pitiful two inches of snow compared to the snowfall where you are!.

But, regardless, it’s my snow and I love it!, even if it does take an hour to reach the local shops while dancing precariously on ice!.

Though on the other hand, while I am skipping merrily to the shops for supplies, I notice less and less items for sale on the shelves, and less people in there shopping with me.

With a flash of realisation I realise all the shelves are emptier because the delivery trucks cannot reach the shops due to the ice, there are less people around because it is too dangerous to walk anywhere because the emergency services will struggle to reach you in the even of an accident and the bus services have been closed down as it is too dangerous for the drivers and passengers on the icy roads.

Reading the papers (which I rarely do as it is too depressing  and angers the hell out of me reading the biassed drivel of many national newspapers reveals the whole country dropping to temperatures of as low as -20C (as cold as the north pole) in places and the whole infrastructure of the country is grinding to a halt.

At first, I thought; how bad can it get, other countries get more than a dusting of snow once a year and they do fine! But here we are, with hardly any airports open, railways closed up and down the country, bus services local and national closed, emergency services almost rendered ineffective due to their inability to reach an emergency site, power lines down and businesses and industries shut.

It’s like the beginning of the end of the world! I am now starting to get used to the idea of snow and ice constantly after only a few days!.

At least the gritters are out, unlike the other day where nowhere seemed to have been gritted! I reckon the taxi companies are making a killing out of this weather (hiking up prices and so on – as if they weren’t charging enough anyway!).

There seems to be a general feeling of camaraderie though as many people are pulling together to help those who cannot help themselves in these testing times.

Makes me wonder if all the hype and controversy about 2012 has an element of truth to it?.

Met Office Warnings

BBC Weather Report


~ by Terence Bennett on January 9, 2010.

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