Power Cut Last Night

Sorry for lack of updates, been busy with appointments here and there for the past few weeks!.

Had the power go out yesterday afternoon, bringing me to envision the computer melting with shock!, luckily it seems to have survived unharmed (fingers crossed!).

I called the electric company, and within minutes had an engineer call, and within minutes after that he was at the door and checking the meter! (great service Southern Electric!) turns out the fault wasn’t at our place but at a sub station up the road, off he went and within an hour the power was back on and the engineer actually came back to the house to tell us it was fixed (albeit possibly temporarily due to the replacement fuse apparently causing problems and sparking everywhere!).

We even had a courtesy call from the office to confirm that other people in the area had reported power outages too, but we were the first ones to report it.

Power went out again overnight, knocking everything out till morning, was quite nice in some ways, moving around by candlelight! easier on the eyes, but it was cold and the food in the freezer was defrosting!.

ah well, the company fixed it up and now there’s just a hole in the pavement where the cable presumably broke!.


~ by Terence Bennett on January 31, 2010.

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