Bike Thieves Strike Again!!

Got up yesterday morning and left the house, glanced over to where my partner and I keep our bicycles chained and covered to find they were gone!.

Just the covers were left, looking lonely on the floor.

No evidence of any kind was left, so I have launched a campaign to help Safeguard Southampton’s cyclists.

I proposed a sharing of information with any potentially vital information reported anonymously to the Police.

The Police really do have their hands tied with everything else happening in the city, the football, drink, drugs, assaults and everything else so I thought maybe this way, we could band together to help provide more evidence for them to secure a conviction amd hopefully return our bikes!.

This is not a post moaning about how the Police don’t do their jobs properly, nor am I advocating senseless accusations or vigilante action, just a free flow of information as the Police couldn’t possibly be everywhere at once even if they wanted to be!.

My brother in law had his bike stolen from our area a few months back and had a few stolen before that so I took him on as my “experienced advisor”! πŸ˜‰

Strangely, there were two strong D-locks on the bikes around the two frames and the front wheels so the thieves carried them away! how far could they have gone like that?.

Well, I reported what I could and my advice for others in the same positionis to give every tiny seemingly unimportant detail (i.e distinguishing markings, scratches, stickers etc) as it can be these tiny insignificant details that can secure a conviction and bring these thieves to justice.

I may as well try and claim on the insurance as they were fairly new but I am not holding out hope of getting more than a fraction of what they are worth if anything, as I know these insurance companies have teams of lawyers whose sole purpose is to go through paperwork with a toothcomb and find a loophole to get out of paying anything!.

I will keep you updated and post some links relevant to cycle security and reporting thefts.

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~ by Terence Bennett on June 23, 2010.

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  1. […] I guess it won’t all be done today as I am still feeling stiff from yesterday! we have work tomorrow and lots more walking (thanks again bike thieves!). […]

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