The Day Trip of Doom!

Oops, I somehow fell into the trap of not writing again! since our bikes were stolen, we have been almost non-stop with companies, letters and meetings here, there and everywhere!.

Well, still waiting for the Police to tell us they have closed the investigation due to a lack of evidence, but so far, it appears they are working hard to nail the guys who took our bikes! if they do catch and punish them, then I will be there…laughing..before visiting my solicitor to get a claim in through him instead of the useless insurance company!.

To try and offset the loss of our only mode of transport, and try to get rid of some of our clutter at the same time, we decided to sell some things on Ebay.

I have been a buyer on eBay for years, but this is only the second time I have tried to sell something (and the last time, no one bought anything!).

Well, so far, so good! I sold nearly half of the books within 24 hours and doubled my Paypal account!

If you are interested, here are my listings:

Revreese83’s Listings

But for now, it looks like crime really does pay as the thieves have made off with hundreds of pounds worth and got away with it.

I have the Dentist today, I changed recently and managed to get into a closer dentist (saves walking for two hours in pouring rain! πŸ˜‰

After looking at my teeth the first time, I asked “Is everything ok then?” to which he informed me I needed five fillings.

I hadn’t been able to see a dentist since I was at school due to not being able to register (as they are all private now) and never had any trouble with my teeth anyway.Β  One day, one of my wisdom teeth shattered (somehow) and I was left with painful, razor sharp shards of tooth at the back of my mouth that I couldΒ  do nothing about (it got so bad, I even tried using a file to grind the edges off…didn’t work out so well that one…).

He did half of them that day, even though I hadn’t even filled in the registration form yet! but he had a cancellation so could squeeze me in! Got to get the last few done today so hopefully, I won’t need to bother him again forΒ  a while!.

I never had any problems with my teeth (other than getting my front two kicked in when I was younger!) and suddenly I need five fillings? I thought I took good care of my teeth! could be worse I guess, the water could be Flouridated!.

Went to Weymouth yesterday, with my fiancee and brother in law with a load of local residents and had a great day! apart from losing my phone and getting slightly sunburnt that is!.

We stopped at a town called West Bay, where I spent the next half an hour searching madly for a cashpoint so I could buy some tobacco (in the whole town, I found a single ATM, inside an amusement arcade which wanted Β£2 off me just to with draw my own money! no thanks!).

After realising that I was not going to be able withdraw any cash in this “town” I managed to scrape together enough change to buy a box of tobacco and have fifty pence or so left to spend in the arcade (oh, how I love those two-pence machines!).

After that little disaster, we decided (well my brother in law decided and we reluctantly agreed) to climb the nearby, near-vertical cliff on the beach, which turned out to be a mistake halfway up as it was so steep and one slip would send us all tumbling down to the beach below.

Nevertheless, we made it to the top, to find the amazing view of the coast up there, that we couldn’t record very well as the camera’s batteries were almost dead.

Heading back to our coach with a few minutes to spare, I noticed my mobile phone was in my coat pocket, which my brother in law had been carrying on our trek up the cliff.

Looking up at the cliff we had just ascended, and descended somewhat quicker (miraculously without falling) we realised it could be anywhere in this town as we had walked all over looking for the ATM.

I ran to the coach to notify the driver, while the others headed back up the cliff and around the beach.Β  All the old dears on the coach kept coming down to speak to the driver (who was chatting to me quite amicably) to demand to know what was going on and “is it the young ones?” for all their sweetness and supposed tolerance, they seemed very quick to moan about the “young ones” making them wait a few moments more.

Finally, they came running back, no phone.Β  Luckily, most of the numbers were backed up at home on paper (isn’t technology supposed to replace paper?) it had no credit on it and was Pay As You Go (after I got screwed over royally by my last contract after my phone was stolen).

Resigning myself, I climbed back on the coach, resenting the fact that I had no drink, no food, I had lost my phone (which I had had for over three years) and to top it off, it was only mid day and we had the whole trip ahead of us yet!.

Eventually, we got to Weymouth, I had a Nuclear-strength Cappuccino (how I needed that!) walked for miles along the beach, before heading back as we were concerned about holding up the coach again.

We got back with over an hour to spare, so we enjoyed sitting by the sandy beach, where we were promptly sand blasted into oblivion.Β  Even if we were wearing Hazmat suits, I imagine sand would still get in somehow!.

Overall, a nice trip and fun was had by all (other than my phone) and we returned home sandy, sore, achy and needing sleep!.

Well, today I need to get back from the Dentist’s, finish putting stuff on eBay, back up my files and emails, sort out and file away a year’s worth of paperwork, wash up, put some washing on, complete a billion surveys and update!.

I guess it won’t all be done today as I am still feeling stiff from yesterday! we have work tomorrow and lots more walking (thanks again bike thieves!).

Then we have a birthday BBQ on saturday! I haven’t played the Xbox 360 for weeks and get precious little time on games even though I spend hours in front of the PC!Β  Hoping to get some updates on the forum soon, but it is dead currently, so not a priority.

Wow! Just realised how much I wrote! I must have needed to get that lot of my chest! (even though no-one other than me and spam bots will ever read this!).

To think, I am trying to teach myself programming on about five different languages at the moment in order to create my ‘perfect’ game! and picked up an application form for a job today!

Phew! I’m going now!, coffee is calling! as usual, any questions, moans or helpful tips would be much appreciated!




~ by Terence Bennett on July 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Day Trip of Doom!”

  1. Being a blogger is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.

  2. Excellent post! You know, you really should stick at this blogging lark – you’re better at it than you think.

    • Thanks Jonathan! that means a lot! and such a refreshing buzz to get an actual real comment for once! πŸ˜‰

      I have so many things I want to do with the site but alas, my lack of knowledge lets me down (and I have lost track of the number of blogging and wordpress articles i have read! to no avail apparently!).
      Oh well, I will keep stabbing at it and hope I can salvage something from this mess!.
      Thanks again!

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