Southampton Switches on it’s Christmas Lights!

Southampton switched on it’s Christmas lights last night with the help of Santa Claus and the Mayor Carol Cunio.

The ceremony was held in the Marlands Shopping Centre this evening with the Mayor,  Santa Claus and the assembled cast of the Nuffield Theatre’s A Christmas Carol in attendance.

The display was beautiful this year and well worth the trip to town and back for!  Just before the lights came on, all eyes went to the escalators as Santa Claus himself made his grand entrance from the upper levels!.

After the Marlands was officially lit, Santa and his entourage made their way to the fantastic German Christmas Market to officially open it for the start of the seas

on festivities.

Between the smell of mulled wine and German sausage on the air, the glow of the lights and the excited shouts of the crowds of people and the looks in the children’s faces as they had a picture or a dance with Father Christmas, even a cynical Scrooge like me was forced to admit to being slightly infected with the Christmas spirit.

Thankfully after a quick bite to eat and a pint before heading home, it quickly faded and I can now safely spend the evening with my Xbox 360 and New Vegas, Just Cause 2 and Dragon Age Origins.

–Bah Humbug!!  😉

(Apologies for the bad quality pictures, I forgot my camera and had to use my iPod!.)

Southampton switches on it’s lights

Festival of Christmas in Southampton


~ by Terence Bennett on November 19, 2010.

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