Flouridated Southampton

Friday, 27 February 2009 at 12:40

Well, they finally got around to it. They have been trying for years and after a small selection of “consultations” with the public, the Southampton Health Authority has finally managed to force through the mass medication of over 200,000 people around Southampton with the chemical Fluoride. For over 40 years, water companies have been afraid to add fluoride for fear of law suits after the west midlands was fluoridated. Now that is about to change, other councils around the country are now actively pursuing the Fluoride agenda.
Supposedly under the guise of “increasing the standard of dental hygiene” Fluoride is being added on account of the increasingly poor state of dental health in the region.
You know WHY dental hygiene is so poor?
An NHS dentist is now harder to find than an honest politician, so the poor bastards on low incomes have either to pay ludicrous sums of money for basic dental care, or have no dentist at all and suffer with poor teeth. The answer to this is obvious: stop the bloody dentists from going private and raping their clients for pure profits! Not add a highly toxic chemical into the drinking water, whether people need it or not! Stop adding so many chemical additives to sweets already laden with obscene amounts of sugar. Coca Cola anyone? Kids will be kids, and they will stuff their little faces with chocolate, sweets and sugar all day every day if they could. If they cleaned their suffering teeth occaisonally then maybe they would be okay, but putting this crap in the water is NOT the answer, some discipline is..
Yes, In SMALL amounts, fluoride has been proven to be effective at combating tooth decay, but in the high volumes they are planning to introduce, the only result will be a higher concentration of Dental Fluorosis and various other illnesses.
Fluoride is also a main ingredient in PROZAC (FLUoxetine Hydrochloride) and acts as an intellect suppressant and tranquiliser and will play a major role in the intellectual lobotomising of this country. Used by the the Soviets and Nazis in World War 2, a quick search on Google will quickly find millions of pages referring to the many dangers of Fluoride.
I live in Southampton, and will now be receiving my daily dose of toxin, but you know what?
I am going to be poisoned by my government (and pay for the privilege) and they cannot even be bothered to INFORM me?! I know of one person who was notified in the area. If I did not use the Internet I would have no way of knowing what was happening! 72% of people who contacted the SHA over this matter were AGAINST fluoride, and yet they were entirely dismissed and the decision was made for them, regardless of their wishes and concerns.
Rather than this post, descending into a mass of ranting and finger pointing, I am simply going to post a selection of articles and videos I found useful and/or interesting.
Please have a look and consider how you would act if it happens to you (and it will).

I have tried to provide both for and against arguments, if there are any you think I should add to get the word out please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment.

I welcome your feedback and comments.

BBC’s Take on Southamptons Looming Fluoridation

Flouridated Southampton!

Daily Echo Fluoride Debate – Many articles and videos to get the details on Southampton’s latest threat

BBC Fluoride Article

BBC : Should Fluoride be forced upon us?

Daily Echo Announcement

NHS Forces City to add Fluoride – BBC

Southampton fluoride decision is a travesty of local democracy

Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Is fluoridation of our water supply a good idea?

The Truth About Fluoride – A parent’s Guide

Not In My Water Supply

National Fluoride Information Centre

Fluoride Action Network

British Fluoridation Society

NHS Fluoride Article

Southampton Health

Its official! Forced medicine is confirmed to be added to Southampton water!
Friday, 27 February 2009 at 10:19 

Its official, they have decided to GO AHEAD and add fluoride into the Southampton drinking water, even after a MASSIVE 72% of the voting public voted against it! And they call our country a democracy?!

Even after official medical reports that have outlined these risks: There is a mass of evidence showing major health dangers, dangers acknowledged, amongst many others, by the US National Research Council in their review of 2006. These include brittle bones, brain damage, gland disruption and osteosarcoma.

Here’s the news link if anyone is interested. It has been confirmed the rest of the country will follow Southampton’s lead now…


Or scroll through the ITV local news feed and see what even the press are saying and affected members of the public who already suffer from fluoride intake in Wolverhampton. It’s disgusting.


This is happening now people. Even against public opinion, they are still going ahead.  I almost feel ashamed to be called British…

I’m totally shocked so I’ll leave this with you all to think about.

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