Halifax Horror

As a loyal Halifax customer for nearly twenty years, I (along with many, many others) was horrified to receive a letter one quiet day in November telling me how they are ‘clarifying’ their charges to ‘make it easier’ for customers to ‘understand’ them.

Apparently, this consisted of screwing over their most vulnerable customers (those on lower incomes) three cheers for HBOS?.

Here I will post some links to explain the charges from different perspectives and will post updates if necessary (such as if they scrap the new charges….yeah right).

Revolt over £31 Halifax overdraft charge

How to beat Halifax’s overdraft charges

Halifax’s new bank overdraft charges will give customers a nasty shock

Customer Anger At Halifax Overdraft Charges

Backlash over Halifax overdraft charges

There was a petition at Downing Street, but by the time I found it, it had already closed!.

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