Bike Thieves Strike Again!!

•June 23, 2010 • 1 Comment

Got up yesterday morning and left the house, glanced over to where my partner and I keep our bicycles chained and covered to find they were gone!.

Just the covers were left, looking lonely on the floor.

No evidence of any kind was left, so I have launched a campaign to help Safeguard Southampton’s cyclists.

I proposed a sharing of information with any potentially vital information reported anonymously to the Police.

The Police really do have their hands tied with everything else happening in the city, the football, drink, drugs, assaults and everything else so I thought maybe this way, we could band together to help provide more evidence for them to secure a conviction amd hopefully return our bikes!.

This is not a post moaning about how the Police don’t do their jobs properly, nor am I advocating senseless accusations or vigilante action, just a free flow of information as the Police couldn’t possibly be everywhere at once even if they wanted to be!.

My brother in law had his bike stolen from our area a few months back and had a few stolen before that so I took him on as my “experienced advisor”! 😉

Strangely, there were two strong D-locks on the bikes around the two frames and the front wheels so the thieves carried them away! how far could they have gone like that?.

Well, I reported what I could and my advice for others in the same positionis to give every tiny seemingly unimportant detail (i.e distinguishing markings, scratches, stickers etc) as it can be these tiny insignificant details that can secure a conviction and bring these thieves to justice.

I may as well try and claim on the insurance as they were fairly new but I am not holding out hope of getting more than a fraction of what they are worth if anything, as I know these insurance companies have teams of lawyers whose sole purpose is to go through paperwork with a toothcomb and find a loophole to get out of paying anything!.

I will keep you updated and post some links relevant to cycle security and reporting thefts.

Keeping your bike from getting stolen

About Bike Theft

How to stop your bike being stolen


New Version of Dwarf Fortress Out!

•June 20, 2010 • 1 Comment

Has over a month gone by already? is it just me or does time just seem to get faster and faster and other times just seems to sit still (queueing for example…).

Well, I shall offer my usual apologies for not updating, things have been hectic as usual! with the planning for the wedding and all the associated headaches, family issues and of course finances taking their toll on my time.

Well some great news for those of you eager to hear more Dwarf Fortress news:  Toady has been steaming away non stop and has been releasing bug fixes and new versions just as quick (well..okay quicker) than I can post them up here.

As of this moment, the latest version is 0.31.08.

Grab your shiny, new copy here.

..And expect that to update again soon.

I have just updated to the new WordPress 3.0.  I haven’t found any errors or anything bad yet, but I am expecting to, so please let me know if you are having any problems viewing the site (with the error code if you can to help me nail it) Thanks.

Just looked at some interesting sites for online courses (some of them free).  As I have not done anything (apart from volunteer work and interviews) since last year, I thought it might be a good idea to study something else.

I will post up shortly with some more information for anyone who is interested.

It still amazes me that with the collective knowledge of humanity at our fingertips, we still waste monumental amounts of time on the internet simply surfing or playing silly facebook games! 😉 (it can’t simply be me can it?).

Maybe a little test? If I can sit down and complete my Paranormal Investigator’s Course before christmas, then could I consider myself responsible and focused enough to take on another correspondence course? Maybe an entry level course or something?.

I think I have managed to talk myself into that little self imposed task, with the internet as my witness I will aim to remain focused and distraction free for as long as it takes!

Finger’s crossed!

Quick update..

•May 5, 2010 • 1 Comment

Hi! I see you guys are still having trouble with the page redirecting to an error, I really thought I had nailed that.
I will try and find out what is causing it, if you can let me know what link you clicked to take you there it would help a lot thanks!.
Off out in a moment but I will get right back to it when I get in (assuming the 360 doesn’t seduce me beforehand! (running through Mass Effect for the second time before getting Mass Effect 2 and loading my Shepard into it!).
I also have to pay some attention to Fallout 3 and complete that before New Vegas is released (100+ hours so far!).
Will add links and stuff later when I have time.
Oh, I am listening to music on the new Spotify, you may want to check it out!.

Technical Issues Being Resolved…

•May 3, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Hi guys, sorry about all the page redirections under the “Games” page, I think I finally stopped it so you should now be able to see the ‘proper’ games page rather than a broken link to my other site which is still a work in progress until I have ironed out some of the other technical difficulties I am having.

I got sick of trying to cram all my game links under one page, it looked so untidy! so I thought I would just create a new site for it all!.

If you really, REALLY want a look at this ragtag collection of broken tables and placeholders click HERE.

I hope to have a whole section on programming and game design and development with links to software and guides, but it will all have to com ein time i’m afraid!.

Anyway, it should give you an idea of what I am planning to do (hopefully).

Technical Issues

•April 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

Not been a lot of activity around here for a while, due to me working mainly on the forums and trying to get online properly!.

Add to that, the recent release of Dwarf Fortress which I have been “bug testing” heavily and my current Fable 2 obsession taking up an unhealthy amount of time.

I have been having some odd issues with pages redirecting randomly and I am trying to nail that down, so keep mailing me if you are directed somewhere unexpected! but as usual, real life has interrupted me again! Had a lot of problems recently and my health has suffered for it!.

Oh well, I shall endeavour to update anyway and try to fill up some space on the desolate forum! I am also trying to teach myself how to program at the moment too which is turning out interesting, so I shall have to update with my (lack of) progress sometime!.

Hope you are all well anyway, please feel free to leave spam comments as I always check and delete!.

New version of Dwarf Fortress!

•April 3, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Really excited by the April 1st release of the latest Dwarf Fortress!.  Why Toady chose to release it on April Fool’s day is beyond me, but I guess it worked as a lot of us believed it to be a joke and almost didn’t bother to download it…almost.

I downloaded it and spent an hour looking through it waiting for the inevitable “GOTCHA!” april fool punchline which never came.

Time for some serious Dwarf-time!

Also, been cleaning up some spam comments and working on the forum.

Working on the Free Software page and online games pages too, which I should get online in the next few days.

Been really busy!…

•March 11, 2010 • 2 Comments

Sorry I haven’t finished the online games section as I promised.  Things got really hectic here recently and I have not had as much time as I would like to devote to the site.

On the way out recently, we heard a lot of shouting and what sounded like a PA system coming from the nearby park, wandering over to have a look, we saw there were police and media and a large crowd of onlookers gathered around a stage in the park.

A few months ago, I was invited to attend a ‘consultation’ with the local council and residents about their plans to erect a new leisure facility there.

I talked, I gave a video interview, I drank lots of coffee!.  By the end, when the council were packing up and leaving, I noticed that the overwhelming majority of people had chosen a space (out of two offered) next to the existing leisure facility for the construction so it was close and away from the main road.

Well it turns out that the council had ignored the majority of residents and placed it right near the main road and the pub.

So much for a ‘public consultation!’ is it still considered a consultation if you have already made your mind up and spent the money?.

It was a big event, Craig David opened it and there was a Tae Kwon Do demonstration and a couple of dance performances by local youth groups.

I would have had a few more pictures for you but my camera died and the batteries I recently bought did not last two seconds (cheap batteries I guess).

I think it is a great thing for the local people as it will encourage exercise and sports, however nothing is ever truly vandal proof (as the makers claim) and I imagine it won’t be long before this expensive area is reduced to a dangerous assortment of broken equipment and roaming teenagers.

Oh well.  We can only hope the makers are true to their word!.

What is the adizone?

Southampton gets set for London 2012 with the new adizone

Daily Echo Coverage

After that spot of excitement, we made our way to Totton and tried to find the nursing home we knew was around there somewhere.

We walked for miles, got lost, found a pub and asked for directions and eventually found it at the top of a hill in the utter middle of nowhere! it was lovely though and the view was gorgeous, with the trees, fields and wildlife not often seen in the city.

Of course when we left, it was pitch black without any street lights and we had to take our lives in our hands until we came back to civilisation, entered the pub from earlier, had a few beers and a lovely meal before walking home!.

Add to all this the difficulties of trying to arrange a wedding and you can see how time gets tied up and things don’t get done! :wink:.

I have also applied for a management position recently, and I hope to hear from that in the next week or two, so keep your fingers crossed for me! 😉

I hope you can all bear with me during this difficult time and I hope to reward your patience with some great links and posts!.