Spam Gallery of Shame…

I leave you with these choice “comments” I had the pleasure of receiving recently, I had more but wordpress deleted them as they had been kept for a while!

A couple were fantastic, using all these ancient, convoluted, unnecessary words to sound flattering, if I get many more, I will do a seperate page under the “humour” section so we can all have a giggle at incompetent spammers who are trying too hard! (Edit: well here it is! 😉 ).  Bless ‘Em with their totally irrelevant and occaisonally hilarious comment spam!.

Enjoy!, I look forward to more like this that I can laugh at and “delete permanently!”.

Recent Comments

“All’s for the best in the best of all possible worlds” — first date tips

—–What can I say?…thanks? Ironically, I just saw an episode of Sharpe featuring this one liner of Voltaire’s Tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles, the observation which the philosophical optimist Dr Pangloss in Candide (1759) persists in making, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.



“LOL is that what you young people would say in this cases? Hello there, i’m a 84 years old grandfather and I’ve just found this website in my browser history. My nephew used my laptop the last time he went here, I believe… he says LOL pretty often but I’ve started to undertand what it means only recently but he’s a good boy after all. Keep doing your best guys, Internet is a real blessing and you have no idea how lucky you are. Best wishes by a old man commenting for the first time” — Leigh Szigethy

—–Good for you Leigh! LOL is indeed used by young people nowadays! often when confronted by incompetent spammers trying unsuccessfully to run an illegal Xbox Live code scam and spamming the same comment on over 1000 other sites…



“nice work man – put some elvis pics on your site :)” — male enhancement

—–Thanks for the praise! I do what I can! not sure what to make of your “recommendation” though, why do you think Elvis pictures are appropriate on this site? I guess you really like The King seeing as how you have spammed over 15000 others with requests for his pictures on totally irrelevant sites!.


“Now I am not positive I completely concur with you on this article. Even so I am normally amenable to innovative concepts. May have to feel about it. Nice blog incidentally.”

—– Considering you commented on my feedback request, i’m not surprised your confused about what your talking about.


“Hey, your weblog is on the radio! Nice work buddy. Your content are genuinely great and added in bookmarks. Bye”

“Hi, your site is promoted in a radio show! Excellent work buddy. Your blogposts are genuinely excellent and added in bookmarks. Regards”

—– Not sure what you guys are on about, I hardly think my insignificant, obscure site would be mentioned on a radio show somehow!

“Hi there, I uncovered your blog via Google while browsing for first aid for a heart attack and your post looks highly fascinating for me.”

—— You were browsing Google for first aid for a heart attack? and took the time to read my post?? I hope for the victim’s sake that you are a simple spammer!.


“i am writting(sic) to you just to let you know that i have got my website. They are lovely, but I will never be able to afford one,And if I could afford one, it would be the Cupcake, that was the best.”

——Cupcake? you have a website called cupcake? but you cant afford one? have you or haven’t you got a website? and what are you talking about? what is the relevance of cupcake?


“Shakira is a pretty singer and dancer needs to get dressed up to go to the park. Pick out the right dress up and outfit for her,then you can print”

——Errrm…..what exactly has Shakira got to do with my feedback request post? and what are you talking about dressing her up?


“You should list somewhere an about/biography of yourself so people can realize the point of view you have when you write this.”

——I have, it’s called “About” and is at the top of the page…


“thanks for this great post wow… it’s very wonderful” — wholesale sunglasses

—–Err..Thanks? I was only mentioning a new version of wordpress, but i’m glad you like it that much!


“Very good journey and experience!”

—– what? you guys surely like wordpress don’t you? 😉


“Sex Chatroulette Sexy Time! Great Success!”

—–What? and I thought I was talking about the snowfall in my post! I appreciate your insightful feedback!


“interesting blog.. but , well written and straight to the point. but , just curious. How are you keeping your blog “spam free” ?”

—–With difficulty apparently seeing as you guys won’t leave it alone! I am not interested in male enhancement drugs thank you very much!


“Hey can someone write a good website about impacted wisdom teeth dating partner?” —Noella Fyffe

—–Not me no. Though I see why you posted here seeing as I mentioned about my trip to the dentist…



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